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Create A Command Center That Works For You

Create A Command Center That Works For You


     Whether we’re single or married, a parent of humans, pets, plants, or no one, we probably all have at least one thing in common: we’re busy. With so many things to keep track of, a command center is one organization staple that we can all use. Maybe you’ve already come to this conclusion and started browsing Pinterest for ideas. If that’s the case, you may have noticed that there are basically infinite options; so once it comes time to actually create your own, where do you start? 

We here in Mom’s Room have been there, and we made our own! 

     But, it just wasn’t right. Why not? Because I based the entire design purely off of the pictures I liked best and ignored the most important “rule” of command center design: base it around your household’s needs. While I'm making adjustments to mine, I've compiled a list of tips to help you avoid my mistakes and create a command center that works for you.

1. Consider your needs.

     Probably the most important question you need to ask yourself is what you need in your command center.  Do you have a larger family with a lot of activities on the schedule? You may want a larger calendar with a lot of space in each date block to write.  Do you use an app for your grocery shopping, like Instacart? You may not need a place to write down items to pick up. Do you get a lot of invitations, cards, pictures, or other paper items you like to display? Consider a cork board section. Otherwise, you’re probably taking up space that could better serve another purpose. We have used our cork board exactly one time. Make a list of the features you need and start browsing, but don’t buy anything quite yet!

2. Decide what room gives the best access.

     Where will your command center best serve its purpose? This is especially important if there’s more than just you in your household. If you have children and you want them to be able to hang up their backpacks, turn in papers for you, and see what’s for dinner (no more “mommmm what are we having for dinnerrrrrr?”), your entryway, mud room, or kitchen will probably be a better spot than your office. If you find that some things seem to make sense in one room, but others make sense somewhere else, remember there’s no rule against two command centers in one house!

3. Find your space.

     Be sure you scout this out before you get your design stuck in your head or make any purchases! You’ll want to measure the space you’ve chosen and decide what will go where. If you’ll have any furniture against the wall, make sure it won’t be covering any of your features. No large, open wall space for your command center? No worries! There are so many creative examples to get you inspired. Check out our Pinterest board at the bottom of the page for some of our favorite examples!

4. Create your layout and hang it up.

     Now that you’ve settled on where your command center will be, you’ll want to measure your space. If you’ve saved some pieces that you’d like to include, make sure you have their dimensions handy, so you'll know whether or not they'll work. I strongly recommend mapping out your design before making any purchases--and certainly before hanging anything. I find it helpful to use painters tape on the floor to create the space. I then cut paper, cardboard, or posterboard (whatever is handy) to size for each feature I plan to hang. This allows me to see exactly how the arrangement will look on my wall--and make adjustments.  

5. Use it!

     Obvious, right? It might be tough at first to remember to use all of the features in your command center, especially if you're not a naturally organized person, like me. If you make a point to use it every day (or as often as it makes sense), it'll become part of your routine, and you'll really start to reap the benefits. 

Check out the Mom's Room Pinterest page to see some of my favorite command center ideas. Once you've created your own, please share it with us! 

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